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Navigon: Preparing for an important update

The Navigon application is preparing to receive an important update soon, with an interesting new feature: MyMaps!

Navigon announces that it is about to launch a new update for its GPS solution for iPhone and MobileNavigator for Android. A new function will appear: The possibility for the user to select and download the map of a specific region.

It is true that many of us walk around with all of the maps of Europe using only a small percentage with the disadvantage of mortgaging a large amount of space on the flash disk …

The new function, baptized MyMaps, allows precisely to avoid this disadvantage and to take with either only the necessary regions and therefore save a lot of space!

Another advantage, the maps are so much lighter (in MB), the zoom function will be much more reactive and fluid, which will not displease us in the end.

Other features such as turn-by-turn guidance, route tracking and live traffic info will of course remain available.

The update will be free for owners of the iPhone application.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Source: Navigon)