National Enquirer: "Steve Jobs only has 6 weeks to live"

National Enquirer: "Steve Jobs only has 6 weeks to live"

The American tablod, National Enquirer, published this Wednesday a number of which Apple boss Steve Jobs is the subject. Recent photos of an emaciated Steve Jobs have been published in the news and sensation. To complete its article, the daily interviewed two doctors who believe that the Apple boss is at the end of his life.

“It seems to be terminally ill. What you see (alluding to the photos, editor's note) is a man who suffers from relatively extreme muscle wasting, certainly caused by a relapse of his previous cancer ”, said Doctor Gabe Mirkin, a doctor with 40 years of experience.

Another doctor asked about the photos goes in the same direction and estimates that Steve Jobs would only have a few weeks to live. “He lost a lot of weight, including a lot of muscle mass. judging by the photos, I’ll say it’s still 6 weeks away ”, said Doctor Samuel Jacobson, a doctor specializing in intensive care.

Obviously, one can only remain skeptical in the face of such allegations. Especially since the Apple boss’s sick leave was announced, a lot of information has come to us and is reassuring to say the least. Steve Jobs seems to be still very invested in his activities within Apple and does not fail to show himself in public.

Anyway, we hope that the Apple boss will return to top form as soon as possible!

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