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nano-SIM: RIM and Motorola try to compromise

nano-SIM: RIM and Motorola try to compromise

Apple's plan to introduce a “nano-SIM” that has not convinced all of the smartphone manufacturers, Motorola and RIM, are trying to find a compromise that would allow them to merge the approaches, reports The Verge.

Apple has not yet won the battle in its plan to introduce a nano-SIM. While his project had failed to convince smartphone manufacturers, such as Nokia, Motorola and RIM, at the last meeting of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in late March 2012, the latter two are trying to find a compromise. Indeed, the two companies have thus proposed a revised project taking up a large part of the Apple concept and approving of certain modifications of the alternative project that the manufacturers had submitted.

The new design of this new nano-SIM project thus lets appear a lug on one of the slices in order to be able to ensure a “push-push” manipulation (the spring effect which takes place during the introduction and exit from the SIM card) rather than necessarily having to use a drawer, which was the solution advanced in the Apple project.

However and if we crot The Verge, the American group was opposed to the introduction of this lug in the design of the nano-SIM. The latter had explained that this would complicate the work of manufacturers of SIM cards. Apple had pointed out that the pinless format allowed SIM card manufacturers to continue to use the silicon already used for micro-SIMs and that this alternative project would risk adopting the format.

It remains to be seen now whether this new project will succeed in convincing Apple at a meeting to be held at the end of the month in Osaka (Japan).

Recall that Nokia has decided to leave the Nano-SIM ship. The Finnish company accuses Apple of evaluating the intellectual properties of its competitors and claims that the American group has no patent allowing it to take control of Nano-SIM technology.

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