MyWi: The iPad Wi-Fi becomes 3G!

IPad 3G will be available as of this friday in the United States. From $ 629, or a price higher than $ 130, compared to the current Wi-Fi model, customers, from the American operator AT&T, will also be able to subscribe to a specific package iPad varying between 15 30 $ / month. Which may well end up paying the bill when you do the accounts over a year.

This is how some developers have thought about producing an application allowing tethering (Internet connection sharing, editor's note) from the iPhone (V1, 3G and 3GS). This app names MyWi, once installed on the iPhone, will allow you to share the Internet connection with your iPad via Bluetooth.

MyWi also offers a secure connection using a WEP key ranging from 40 to 150 bits.

There is no doubt that this application is obviously not on the App Store. To get it, just go to Cydia with your iPhone jailbreak.

Demonstration video below.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via rockyourphone)

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