myNAV is still in the Beta development phase but already brilliantly combines research and private browsing functions with social tools allowing discussion and exchange within personal and professional projects. A success !

myNAV: a free and cooperative browser

myNAVDeveloped in France since 2016, myNAV and the project myCO as a whole aims to offer secure web browsing that combines the preservation of private data and contact between people.

This web browser is based on Firefox and is the result of a French cooperative that allows each user to become a member and to give human and financial value during their activities on the platform.

Indeed, each person can create their personal account and detail it with their centers of interest and personal information which it is possible to share or not. It is possible to earn virtual currency called myCoinsby participating in anonymous tests and surveys, each online search or by sharing your passions.

What does the browser offer?

The browser is light, simple to use and based on the open source project Focus of the Mozilla foundation. It offers to search via Qwant, Google, Lilo, Yahoo !, Ecosia, Bing and DuckDuckGo engines.

myNAV has three levels of protection during navigation: At risk which makes the user vulnerable to ads, Protected without ads but preserving the history and Invisible to avoid ads and any traces in the history.

Social functions

The browser offers each user to create or join private or public projects related to personal or professional causes. It is also possible to add contacts, chat via an integrated chat and exchange documents.

In order to continue the experience on all devices, myNAV is also available on Windows, macOS, Linux computers and on iOS devices.