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My streaming movie cuts all the time. How to see it in good quality?

There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted while watching a movie or series. This is because of your internet connection or the overly busy memory of your computer. Here’s how to fix it.

Image 1: My streaming movie cuts all the time.  How to see it in good quality?

YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and other streaming services are particularly resource intensive. Whether on your device or on your connection. Also, it is not uncommon to find yourself in front of a particularly desperate case: that where the video cuts after a handful of seconds, or worse, refuses to load. The situation can be particularly nerve-wracking, but there are still some customary checks you can do before you give up on your evening movie. There can be several factors responsible for a video that refuses to load correctly and it will be necessary to proceed in stages to identify them.

Check the resources used on your computer

It is not uncommon for certain programs to tend to impose their presence on your computer memory. To the point of seriously affecting its performance for tasks like a streaming movie. There are tools to find out the allocation of resources on your computer: the Activity Monitor for MacOS or the Task Manager for Windows. These two programs work more or less the same way. They list the processor time used by each of the running applications, as well as the memory occupied, disk exchanges or network use. You can then easily identify the programs that may be problematic and act accordingly.

Image 2: My streaming movie cuts all the time.  How to see it in good quality?

Web browsers are usually the biggest culprits, including tabs left open for too long. So remember to close them. Finally, do not forget that, in doubt, a simple restart of your computer is enough to completely empty the RAM and start from scratch with a machine ready to work.

Check the quality of your Internet connection

Another potential culprit is your Internet connection. Again, it is easy to verify that everything is fine thanks to sites like They will assess your speed and the quality of your connection in a few clicks. For information, to have a smooth and good quality HD image on Netflix, the site recommends having a minimum bit rate of 5 mbps. But tests generally show that it is better to have room to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Image 3: My streaming movie cuts all the time.  How to see it in good quality?

In addition to the speed of your connection, also check that the link between your device and your box does not suffer from any problem. In general, it is recommended to use a wired connection, more stable than Wifi, for this kind of use. If you have no choice, make sure there are no obstructions to the signal. Electrical devices can be particularly troublesome. Also note that a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection allows for a better signal range… while the conventional 5 GHz connection offers much better speeds. Finally, the purchase of a WiFi repeater may prove necessary to ensure the continuity of the signal between two rooms and put an end to untimely interruptions.

The last scenario that may arise would be one where your operator voluntarily restricts access to an overly greedy service. Difficult to prove in fact, such clamping is generally felt by many users at the same time. It can cause delays, cuts, or even inability to use the service. Netflix offers its own speed testing service, It lets you know if the speed you get on their service is the same as that expected elsewhere. If the result is significantly different, your connection may be blocked.

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