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My Instagram account is no longer accessible: how to recover it?

Your Instagram account is blocked and you don’t know how to find it? It’s annoying but rest assured: there is nothing irremediable! Follow our steps step by step and you can post your photos again in a few minutes.

Instagram account inaccessible unavailable

There are several reasons that could prevent you from logging into your Instagram account. We will list them below.

I lost my Instagram password. What to do ?

Instagram offers to log in with your Facebook credentials. If you changed your password recently, you may need to log in again with this new password.

If your password still doesn’t work, on the Instagram start screen, go to Get help logging in.

login instagram password

Enter your user name and click on following then choose Need more help?

Instagram recover account

A list of items then appears. Choose I cannot connect to my account email and follow the steps on the screen.

Instagram connection not possible

If you have chosen to have a link sent by email but it does not arrive, go directly to the spam folder of your mailbox and in the tab Promotions (for Gmail users).

If the email still does not appear, your service provider may reject Instagram emails for their own reason. In this case, you will need to contact your email provider.

My Instagram account has been hacked

If you believe your Instagram account has been compromised, the attacker may be trying to change the email address associated with your account. In this case, you will receive an email from Instagram allowing you to cancel this change.

Otherwise, go to the application, from the login screen. Indicate your name and go to following. Please select Need more help? then choose My account has been hacked and follow the instructions.

Instagram hacker account

Finally and if the case that affects you is not listed above, follow the steps up to the list and select Other (under My account has been hacked). Then describe your case in the field below. Your request will be automatically sent to Instagram teams.

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