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Music with iPhone sounds to pay tribute to Steve Jobs

Music with iPhone sounds to pay tribute to Steve Jobs

The New York DJ, AzR, produced a video clip in tribute to Steve Jobs. This one has the particularity of taking well-known sounds from Apple products, all mixed with a speech by Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs left us on October 5. Since that day, tributes around the world have multiplied and never stop arriving. Whether in the form of speeches, drawings, poems or post-it notes stuck on the windows of Apple Stores, all means are good – and sometimes even unusual – to pay tribute to the former emblematic boss. Last unusual tribute to date, that paid by musician Jordan Mozer, alias AzR, a sound engineer and New York DJ. The latter produced a video clip named Thank you Steve in which he staged samples of sounds from all kinds of products designed by Apple: Mac I, Apple II, PowerMac, Mac Quadra, Mac Pro and of course the iPhone, to name just a few, the whole mix of Steve Jobs sentences taken up in his speech at Stanford University in 2005.

I made this clip using only the sound put by Apple products as well as sentences from the Stanford speech in 2005. Each instrument, even the drums, was sampled from a Mac product, adjusted to the ear and included in the context of the song , specifies AzR.

If the clip is boring, the New York DJ offers to download the sound file on his site at the cost of a dollar.

We discuss it on the forum.

The clip :