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Mto Live: the mto iOS application number 1 in the United States

Mto Live: the mto iOS application number 1 in the United States

On the App Store in the United States, the Weather Live app (responding to the name of Mto Live in Belgium) has won recognition from Apple and thousands of users around the world. Because of this success, Apple has decided to put this application before in its temporary category “Rewind 2011”.

Mto Live, a weather app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, became the number one weather forecast app in the United States and many other countries within 24 hours of its release. It is a relatively powerful weather forecasting tool designed to become a practical daily assistant for planning business trips abroad, visits to friends and family during vacations and outdoor activities.

Thanks to the Mto Live technology integrated into the application, any mto condition magically appears directly on the screen. Whether it's a bright sun, cloudy weather, rain or snow, Mto Live Live illustrates this with a nice effect.

The application integrates many functionalities and offers an interface with a customizable presentation. In addition to the current weather conditions, details and precise forecasts, the application also gives the local time for any location. The current temperature is also available on the icon displayed on the home screen.

Mto Live is exactly what we wanted it to be. It is a reliable weather application, which is fun and intuitive to use and definitely enjoyable to watch. We are proud that our application has become the mto application of choice for so many people around the world. said Peter Melnikov, vice president of Apalon.

Download the Mto Live app on the App Store (universal app) for 0.79.

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