MSI has had 40 cases of RTX 3090 worth 280,000 euros stolen

The manufacturer MSI has just had about forty cases of Geforce RTX 3090 graphics cards stolen from its warehouses. The value of the burglary is estimated at nearly 280,000 euros. MSI is offering a reward to those who will help it find its graphics cards.

MSI Geforce RTX 3090 Trio

Marketed since last September, the new range RTX from Nvidia has experienced unprecedented enthusiasm. If the RTX 3080 was immediately the subject of a shortage, its big sister is also the object of much envy. Certainly the RTX 3090 is dedicated to the richest and most relentless players.

But its high price is also enough to arouse the interest of the most dishonest, as evidenced by this event which has just occurred in a warehouse of the manufacturer MSI. Last week theThe manufacturer was thus robbed of boxes filled with RTX 3090.

MSI has had more than 220 cases full of RTX 3090s stolen

Unlike its little sister, the RTX 3090 is not out of stock. But the basic version, the one officially marketed at € 1,549, is almost impossible to find. It is therefore necessary to opt for a custom model, as proposed by MSI. In this case, the bill increases, since we find this kind of card around 1850 – 2000 €. And there again, it is not always easy to get your hands on it, the stocks are so thin.

In a memo that has leaked on the web, MSI declares to have been stolen a large stock of RTX 3090. If the manufacturer does not expand on the details, it seems that this concerns about forty cases, or 224 graphics cards more precisely. The value of the theft is estimated at 2,200,000 yuan, or 277,850 euros.

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A reward is offered to anyone who will find the RTX 3090

No information on the mode of operation of the burglar (s) has been disclosed. MSI states that the entire factory shipping area is equipped witha video surveillance system. In addition, the company frequently inspects the trucks entering and leaving its warehouses. But his investigations do not seem to have yielded anything for the moment. MSI believes that only an insider could have stolen the graphics cards.

MSI has obviously warned the police and offers a reward of 100,000 yuan, or 12,650 euros, who will help him find the stolen cards. Finally, the manufacturer adds that he “will ask for leniency” towards anyone involved in the case, but which will allow him to recover his precious RTX 3090.