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MP3 Video Converter (APK) 1.9.57

MP3 Video Converter is an essential Android application for anyone who wants to be able to listen to the soundtrack of a video from an audio player, by integrating it into a playlist. It is commonly used in addition to a video download application from a video platform. The application is perfectly functional and very intuitive.

Why use MP3 Video Converter?

MP3 Video Converter is an Android application that allows its users to convert a video file stored on an Android terminal to an audio file. This application is particularly useful when you have found a clip or a concert on a video platform and want to be able to listen to it from your usual audio player, and add it to your playlists. Moreover, this application is often used in addition to a video download application such as Tubemate Youtube Converter.

What file formats are compatible?

MP3 Video Converter allows you to convert the most commonly used video file formats. Thus the application will perfectly process videos in 3GP, FLV and MP4 formats. As output, it allows you to obtain audio files in MP3 or AAC formats.

The main features of MP3 Video Converter

The application offers editing features to optimize the name of the files before integrating them into your playlists. You can rename the title of the file, but also add the name of the artist and the album. Finally you can choose the destination folder where to store the new Audio file