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Movies2iPhone converts videos for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Movies2iPhone converts videos for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Free Movies2iPhone software now converts any video to iPhone 5 and iPad mini formats.


IOS devices are wonderful little machines. But when it comes to playing videos they get temperamental. Indeed, these stamped products of the apple brand only read the videos encoded in a very specific and clean Apple format: the mp4 format. While there are many applications that allow you to play a large number of video formats – including the mp4 format – on your iOS device, there are however several software alternatives to use from your computer (PC and Mac). This is the case in particular for the Movies2iPhone software which allows you to convert any video (Divx, Xvid, avi, mpeg, wmv, asf, mov, vob, flv (flash), 3gp, mkv, etc.) format optimized for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. While its developer had not updated it for two years already, the latter announced today on its site the arrival of a new version of its software whose conversion modes have also been adapted to the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

The advantage of Movies2iPhone is that it is completely free and is compatible with all versions of Windows (from XP) and OSX (Lion and Mountain Lion).

In the end, the software was adapted to the following products:

– All versions of iPhone: original iPhone (2G), iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPhone 4 / 4S and the latest iPhone 5. – All versions of iPad: original iPad, iPad Retina (HD) and the iPad Mini.– All versions of iPod touch: original iPod touch, iPod touch 4 and 5th generation iPod.

To download Movie2iPhone, meet here.

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