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Move to iOS

A really simple and well-made application that will allow anyone who wants to migrate to an Apple smartphone to do so in just a few minutes.

0096000008173230-photo-move-to-ios.jpg First application signed Apple on the Google Play Store, Move to iOS is a data transfer application for Android smartphone users who want to switch to an iOS phone.

This one indeed proposes to migrate your photos and videos, messages, email accounts, contact calendars and favorites.

Concretely, the user must have two terminals (source and destination) in order to be able to operate the transfer; on his new Apple phone choose “Migrate data from Android” and on the Android terminal launch Move to iOS.

Once the presentation has been made and the user contract has been validated, the app will ask the user for the code of the iOS terminal in order to be able to transfer. Once this step has been completed, the user is asked to configure the data to be migrated; the transfer will then start directly.

Note that the two devices connect directly via a dedicated Wi-Fi network, generated by the iPhone or iPad.

Important: This feature is only available with Apple devices with iOS 9.