Motorola wins battle against Apple in the USA

Motorola wins battle against Apple in the USA

The American justice has just rendered its judgment in a patent case opposing Motorola Apple. Cupertino lost its first relatively large battle on one of the four patents put forward by its competitor. Apple will appeal.

Just a few weeks ago, Motorola attacked Apple by brandishing four patents. Cuprtino was charged with patent infringement and Motorola required this title for a license. Apple believes that the prices charged by its competitor were too high, the American glove had preferred to go to court to settle the case.

Judge Thomas Pender delivered his judgment yesterday, in favor of Motorola for one of the four patents. It’s a Wi-Fi technology that has been owned by the company for years. Presumably, Motorola managed to convince the judge to rule in his favor. Apple said it was satisfied with the rejection of several patents and stressed that it would appeal the one concerning WiFi. The same patent had also been rejected by the German courts a few days ago … Anyway, the judgment will have no impact on Apple for the moment, it will still be revalued.

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(Source: 9to5mac)