Motorola unveils its foldable RAZR through its patents

Image 1 : Motorola dévoile son RAZR pliable à travers ses brevets

Image 1: Motorola unveils its foldable RAZR through its patents

The Wall Street Journal had announced the imminent commercialization of a updated version of the famous RAZR V3, a cell phone of which it sold nearly 130 million units. Motorola allegedly filed patents that substantiate the thesis that the new RAZR will be a foldable smartphone.

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If this rumor were proven, Motorola would add its name to the growing list of foldable smartphone manufacturers, these new devices that want to revolutionize the mobile industry and boost sales. The illustrations of the patent filed by the company give us indications on the possible design of the future RAZR.

We notice that Motorola retained the clamshell design of the RAZR V3 original. On the other hand, the secondary screen located on the back of the device, near the hinge, is a remarkable novelty. This should allow check messages and notifications without having to unfold the device. As you can see, the drawings are fairly sketchy. It is therefore not known whether the 2019 RAZR will sport a fingerprint reader, but with a advertised price of $ 1,500is more than likely. Furthermore, these sketches give no details on the technical specifications of the future RAZR.