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Motorola tackles Apple on 7 new fronts

Motorola tackles Apple on 7 new fronts

Motorola and Google are continuing their legal actions against Apple by attacking the American glove on 7 new fronts. This time, the complaints mainly concern notifications and the Siri voice assistant.

Motorola may have won practically no legal success against Apple and Microsoft, but that does not prevent it from continuing its actions, with the aim of prohibiting the sale of certain terminals from its competitors and inflating its royalties. According to the Wall-Street Journal, Motorola would have attacked Apple by invoking seven patents, in particular related to technologies used for push notifications of emails, the voice assistant Siri, reminders based on the location of the user and the media iPhone playback. The patents cover all types of devices produced by Apple, from the iPhone to the Mac, including the iPad and iPod.

More than ever, Motorola seems to want to drag its adversary to court, with no doubt the hope of a key trial. The fact remains that unlike the Samsung – Apple affair, Motorola does not really have a valid argument to accuse Apple of having completely copied the design of one of its devices, most of its accusations aiming at certain software functionalities rather than hardware …

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(Source: 9to5mac)