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Most Watched YouTube Videos

Most Watched YouTube Videos

YouTube has billions of videos available and you can watch all kinds of things. You can see how the Eifel tower was built, you can watch concerts, movie trailers, all the steps necessary to prepare sushi, pasta, bread or any other perfect dish. If you're in a laughing mood, you can just enjoy some fun videos. YouTube has it all. Video views are pretty important these days, because YouTube pays content creators for reaching a certain number of views. And there are videos with billions of views. These are the ones we're going to list here – the most viewed YouTube videos.

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1.Despacito – Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

Whatever your favorite genre of music, it would be hard to believe that you haven't heard Despacito somewhere. When the song was released, it quickly became very popular around the world, and the song's video reached an incredible number of views. Right now, this Latin pop song has over 6.3 billion views. He reached that number in 2 and a half and we are sure that the numbers will continue to increase.

2.Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Here's another song that quickly became a worldwide hit. This is the shape of you from Ed Sheeran. Video is class 2 on this list with over a billion views. Most recently, it surpassed See You Again from Fast and Furison 4.3.

3. the next – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (soundtrack of 7, Fast and Furious)

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth have created so many incredible songs in their careers. These two joined forces for the soundtrack to Fast and Furious 7. Today, the video for the song titled See you again has been viewed 4.1 billion times and the numbers continue to rise.

4.Masha and the bear: recipe for disaster

Get Movies has a lot of content for kids. They consider themselves a family channel and even boast of being the first of their kind on YouTube. There are a lot of great things about the chain, but the kids seem to like Masha and the kids the most. The 17th episode was watched over 3.9 billion times. And it is always monitored every day around the world.

5.Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars

From Honolulu with love! La Grenade by Bruno Mars and When I Was Your Man were sure to be successful, as was Valerie, the song Mark Ronson recorded with Amy Whinehouse. But, the song Uptown Funk that brought these two together has arrived in the list of the most watched YouTube videos. The song’s video has 3.6 billion views.

6.Gangnam Style – PSY

For each song, we can start a discussion if it is good or not, but everything comes to your personal taste. Some people find the Gangnam style irritating, and some people find it super cool. One thing is certain – it has received a lot of attention and a lot of comments. In addition, he is on the list of the most viewed YouTube videos. The song’s video has over 3.3 billion views.

7.Dsol – Justin Bieber

Justing Bieber often arrives at the top of the palmars, and the video of the song "Sorry" from his album "Purpose" was the most watched video on YouTube in 2016. Of course, he is on the list of the most viewed videos on YouTube . It is currently on position number 7 with 3.1 billion views.

8.Baby Shark Dance

Not so long ago, the video for the song Sugar by Maroon Five occupied this position in the table of the most watched videos. But recently, shark dancing has taken over. This minute 2 video has been viewed over billions of times.