More transparency for the command prompt

LWindows 10 command prompt is very useful. The latter is software for interpreting DOS commands from the command line. It is accessible by typing cmd in the search field. This shell makes it possible to carry out very numerous operations on the system via an online user interface. You will find more information on the different commands available here.

If cmd (or command prompt in English) is available in all versions of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 has brought a little news. Simple in appearance, it remains very practical for those who use this interface a lot. It is indeed possible to make the command prompt transparent in order to continue to see the windows hidden behind. Here's how.

Make CMD transparent

  1. Open the command prompt by typing cmd in the search field:Type cmd
  2. The command prompt window opens. In the upper part, right click and select Properties :Cmd properties
  3. In the command prompt properties window, click on tab Colors :Colors command prompt
  4. At the bottom of the window is a cursor Opacity. By default 100%, just move it to the left to make the cmd window more or less transparent.

Personally, 85% of opacity seems to me to be a good setting: transparency is important enough to see the background, while maintaining good legibility of typed command lines.

cmd transparent

The transparent cmd window

you choose the percentage of transparency that suits you. You can also change the background color for better readability.

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