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more than 560,000 applications

A little while ago (1 year approx) I used Windows Phone, shortly before the acquisition of WP, I bought a computer under Windows 8. Today they are both in version 8.1 and … there was a nice "little" improvement unlike version 8. The games are more and more interesting, including the rest.

Today, I use Android and a Windows 8.1 PC, I would never take Windows Phone again, because of its policy and OneDrive imposed. Pity.

As for content and the OS, Android is much more versatile and "open" compared to WP.

Windows 8.1 on PC is still open, but less so than before, in version 7 for example. More and more applications become incompatible with version 8.1+, logically the software library decreases, more and more people (I see it compared to my relatives), are turning to Linux OS, such Android itself, Ubuntu , SteamOS, and still leave a small Windows for applications that only work on Windows.

I feel that Microsoft will eventually sink, if it continues to impose things we don't want, like One Drive, this thing will waste my time and not only will it pump the little connection I have at home. me. (8 Mga and more …)