More than 300 million as bonus for Tim Cook !!

dollar roll 300x204 - Apple : nouvelle amende de 368 millions de dollars !


Posted: January 10 2012Updated: January 10, 2012

by TanguyH

Hi jailbreakers,

Today Worldissmall will provide you with some little information concerning transactions within Apple. As you know, our dear Steve Jobs left us shortly after his October Keynote announcing the iPhone 4S (among others).

dollar roll 300x204 - More than 300 million as bonus for Tim Cook !!

Steve Jobs was always a great visionary who obviously knew that the money was not useful for him much, being reached of the cancer he concentrated on the development of certain projects which have still not been disclosed by Apple. This humble man did not pay himself a big salary and his Christmas bonus was $ 1.

For some time the apple has been in the hands of Tim cook, he already had a salary of around $ 900,000 per month. This is understandable for the position he occupies, moreover this sum was chosen by Steve Jobs in person.

When it comes to Christmas bonuses, Tim couldn’t help but give himself a much more than juicy bonus: $ 377,996,537. Come on total salary for 2011 for dear Tim Cook: $ 388,766,537.

“So it’s normal, an abuse of power, a well-deserved bonus, a scandal,…? You have to tell me !”