More than 25,000 South Corens file lawsuit against Apple

More than 25,000 South Corens file lawsuit against Apple

Rebound in the case of iPhone tracking. More than 25,000 South Korean iPhone owners filed a collective lawsuit against its maker, Apple, on Wednesday for alleged privacy breaches due to the ability of these phones to record user movements.

This complaint comes a few weeks after the victory of lawyer Kim Hyung-Suk, which won one million won compensation (648 euros). The collective complaint was filed by 26,691 people who each ask for a million won, said Wednesday a spokesman for the office of this lawyer, Miraelaw. “We have filed a collective complaint claiming compensation for Apple and its South Korean subsidiary due to the emotional damage caused by the illegal location by Apple iPhones”, the law firm said in a statement.

Apple Core did not wish to comment on this information. The South Korean telecoms regulator said early in the month that it will claim a 3 million won fine from Apple Core, which is still on the books. The regulator’s investigation followed the publication of a study by British researchers, according to which Apple included in the last version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad a function allowing to keep on an unprotected file the track of the movements of its users.

Apple said in the spring it was working to fix several unexpected computer problems with the operating system of its iPhones and other portable devices, due to the excessive storage of location data.

South Korea has three million iPhone users.

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