1 million downloads for fake Minecraft mods

more than 1,800 identifiers published online

New leak of identifiers to report. This time, it concerns the video game Minecraft comparable to a kind of digital Lego. A list containing 1,824 identifiers (email address and password) for this very popular game has been put online. What's more, clear passwords.

Heise got hold of this file, which as often appeared on Pastebin, and was able to verify the authenticity of certain identifiers. Many of the affected accounts appear to be owned by German players.

An alleged hack was not claimed at this stage and the editor Mojang did not speak about it. Computer security expert Graham Cluley does not necessarily think of compromising a database (a breach of security) but evokes hypotheses such as phishing attacks, infection of gamers' computers with malware.

Minecraft-Pastebin Capture Graham Cluley; HotForSecurity (Bitdefender)

With stolen identifiers, it is possible to log in without the knowledge of a legitimate player or even download a full copy of the game which is normally sold for € 19.95.

According to our findings, said file on Pastebin has been deleted. However, we were able to find a copy that contains the same email addresses but without the associated passwords. As a guide, it is possible to reset a password from this page.

Minecraft has over 100 million registered users. Last September, Microsoft bought the Mojang studio which develops Minecraft for the tidy sum of almost 2.5 billion dollars.