more than 1,300 hacks claimed by cyber-jihadists

more than 1,300 hacks claimed by cyber-jihadists

Bernard Cazeneuve said this Monday during a visit to the judicial police's cybercrime sub-directorate in Nanterre, in total, 25,000 hacks of websites have been observed since the Charlie attacks Weekly with "More than 1,300 attacks have been claimed by teams of Hackers claiming to be from Islamist organizations."

fallaga team The Minister indicated that "a joint judicial response" took place, without specifying the nature of the latter. Bernard Cazeneuve also praised the "mobilization" of the PJ sub-directorate and the rapid activation of the national government platform Pharos which allows the reporting of illegal content on the Internet.

"Pharos has handled more than 25,000 reports of illegal content on the net" part of which was in the form of "malicious cyber attacks" conducted on institutional and private sites.

It was also mentioned "privileged contacts" established with Dailymotion, Google and Facebook regarding "online withdrawal requests" resulting mainly in the removal of videos "related to terrorist attacks." "public authorities must take initiatives and assert their power to protect Internet users", all "while respecting public freedoms."

However, the response should also lead to new measures, particularly concerning Internet control. The Minister of the Interior thus asked the National Assembly to propose measures "within eight days". "They will have to relate to (…) social networks, more than ever used for recruitment, contact and the acquisition of techniques allowing to take action."

It is this Wednesday that the anti-terrorism measures will be presented by the government, some applying to the Internet.