Monopoly zAPPed: an iPhone or an iPad at the center of the game

Monopoly zAPPed: an iPhone or an iPad at the center of the game

Board game specialist Hasbro has announced the upcoming arrival of a new version of Monopoly on iPhone and iPad. Particularity of it: it will be found in the center of the real game!

While several versions of Monopoly are already present on smartphones and tablets. the board game publisher and specialist Hasbro will offer a new way to play the famous game on iPhone and iPad. Called “Monopoly zAPPed”, this new declination works in exactly the same way as classic Monopoly, the only difference being that you place an iPhone or iPad at the center of the game to act as… virtual bank.

No more tickets, everything becomes virtual.

While classic Monopoly players have had to spend their time, until now, counting and managing the rents of their properties, the zAPPed version will offer them “a virtual credit card” which will carry out all the transactions for them, for more comfort and also to avoid any attempt at cheating.

Not so sure, however, that this new way of playing could please everyone. Indeed, playing Monopoly also means enjoying the charm of being able to feel the counterfeit banknotes while robbing your opponents.

The new Monopoly zAPPed will be sold for $ 24.99 and should be available for sale in June.

Note that Hasbro also plans to market a zAPPed version of the game “Destiny – the game of life” which is scheduled to be released in the spring.

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