Mom was right: the smartphone really hurts the eyes!

Mom was right: the smartphone really hurts the eyes!

Mum was right to repeat it: staying too long behind a notch is not good for the eyes. True, she did not really know that was blue light, but it's a warning we should all follow. Here's why.

It's a long time since we know that you should not use your smartphone before going to sleep because of the blue light, the latter plays a role on sleep and keeps you awake. As a solution, we saw arriving on our smartphones a night mode that filters this blue light to limit its effects. The problem is that this light is not a concern only when you go to bed, it has other consequences that unfortunately we do not notice until too late.

This is what the University of Toledo indicates in its investigation. Scientists at this university have shown that the blue light of digital devices and the sun transforms some molecules present in the retina of the eye and turn them into real cell killers. To be more exact, toxic chemical molecules appear in the cells of the photoreceptors and since these cells do not reign, when they are destroyed, they are for good.

The consequences are only too late

The consequence of this is called macular degeneration, a disease that can not be cured and normally occurs with age. On average, it appears in individuals in their fifties or sixties, but with the massive use of smartphones it appears more and more often and more and more early.

Blue light damages our vision by damaging the retina of the eye. Our experiments show how this happens and we hope that they will find therapies to slow the progression of degeneration, for example in the form of drops.

The only solution is to limit the use

To protect the eyes from blue light, Dr. Ajith Karunarathne, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Toledo University, offers several solutions. First, wear sunglasses that not only protect UV but also blue light through a filter. In addition, you should avoid using your smartphone or tablet in the dark, and if this is not possible activate the night mode.

androidpit night fashion android nougat
The night light is filtered by the night mode. AndroidPIT

If you can set the colors of your screen, it is better to opt for warmer colors to reduce the amount of blue light. The other alternative is to constantly use the night mode.

Do you use the night mode on your smartphone?

Article written in cooperation with Christopher Gabbert

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