Model Y: Tesla now sells its cheapest model for $ 42,000

Tesla has uploaded the order page for a new Model Y: the standard version. This is the cheapest version of the vehicle. Its appearance is surprising, since Elon Musk had said a few months ago that it had been canceled.

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The Model Y

It’s a new Tesla car model that’s available today to American buyers: the classic Model Y. This version was spotted by Electrek and is sold for 41 990 dollarss, which makes it the cheapest of the range. Its price is still higher than the Model 3, the bestseller of the manufacturer, which is less than 40,000 dollars.

The Model Y was already sold in two versions. The first is the Performance model, which is close to $ 60,000 for sale, while the other, which sells for $ 50,000, has great autonomy. The appearance of the standard model is amazing. Indeed, Elon Musk had clearly said that she would never see the light of day.

Elon Musk finally changed his mind

Announced in 2019 with the other models, the standard version was canceled in 2020. At least, this is what the boss of the firm said in a tweet. The reason given was that its autonomy, in below 230 miles (less than 400 kilometers) was too weak for Tesla, who is betting on this aspect to convince.

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But it’s only the idiots who don’t change their minds, as they say. American drivers can therefore now cOrder a Tesla SUV at a reduced price. However, it will be necessary to take into account the fact that autonomy remains its big weak point and make do with it. The price of 41,990 dollars is of course offered without options.

With this new model, Tesla is therefore diversifying its already well-supplied offering, even if it means offering less attractive and less efficient products. The standard SUV is currently not offered outside the United States. On the brand’s website, the SUV is still sold in its Long Range version at 63,000 euros (without options) and in its Performance version at 70,000 euros.

Source: Electrek