Mobistar: Tethering and Visual Voice Mail are still pending

Mobistar: Tethering and Visual Voice Mail are still pending

IPhone 4 users have had the Personal Hotspot feature since March (also known as tethering). This feature allows users to be able to share their Internet connection (via the Edge or 3G) directly from their iPhone and up to a maximum of 5 people connected. The iPhone is in some ways transformed into a real Wi-Fi router. many iPhone 4 users appreciate being able to use this feature to connect their laptop (or iPad Wi-Fi) to the Internet, while the customers of operator Mobistar criticize them for not being able to take advantage of this yet, more two months after the arrival of this new service integrated into Apple's firmware.

Contact by us in March, the operator's spokesperson had not missed to tell us that the situation was being examined At the time but only Apple could make this feature available, only Apple can make this feature visible to Mobistar customers via iTunes synchronization, said the spokesperson for operator, Patti Verdoodt.

Contacted by us this Wednesday, it seems that the file at Mobistar has not changed or almost, "Currently we have no new information relating to Tethering", said the same spokeswoman.

Even if it sounds like a bit about Visual Voice Mail, this famous feature built into the iPhone that allows you to listen to voice messages directly on the Apple terminal and not through a short number, such as the 5555. However, another spokesperson for the operator, Mathieu Van Overstraeten, told us at the start of February that this feature was tested at the time within their network and that it was planned that it can be accessed by customers in the summer. A feature that was however expected to arrive, initially, a few months after the arrival of the iPhone 3G in Belgium, in 2008.

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