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Mobistar flicit base its way

Mobistar flicit base its way

BASED, which offers prices the best on the market according to a consumer association, did not miss to react at the launch of the iPhone 3G in Belgium at Mobistar and took the opportunity to congratulate its competitor its way.

In this way, all Belgians can buy an iPhone in all Mobistar Centers and acquire an adapted, cheaper subscription from us. In addition, Belgians save from July 11 on their GSM bill which will allow them to buy an overpriced iPhone at Mobistar , to declare Bart Vandesompele, spokesperson for BASED.

We will be sure to clarify this for non-BASE customers in the coming weeks.

Base did not fail to recall that these are not less than 8,000 people who are currently using the iPhone on their network and informing them that huge investments have been carried out in recent years (300 million euros) in the development of its network Edge.

(Belgium Mobile | Thank you Calvin)

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