Mobistar finally free "Internet connection sharing"

Mobistar finally free "Internet connection sharing"

After just over a year of waiting, Mobistar operator iPhone customers can now take advantage of the “Internet Connection Sharing” feature from their device. An update of the “Access Point Name” (APN) parameters is now available for download from the iTunes software.

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The wait was long but we are finally there! Mobistar operator iPhone customers can now benefit from Internet Connection Sharing via their device. Contact by us, Mathieu Van Overstraeten, spokesperson for Mobistar, confirms the arrival of this feature: "It's imminent", he says. However, the writing of Belgium-iPhone received numerous testimonies this Friday morning indicating that the functionality was already operational for many of you.

As a reminder, this feature also called “Tethering”, available since the arrival of iOS 4.3 in March of last year, allows users to be able to share their Internet connection (via the Edge or 3G) directly from their iPhone and up to a maximum of 5 people connected. The LiPhone is in some ways transformed into a real Wi-Fi router.

Despite the arrival of this feature last year, the operator Mobistar did not allow its iPhone customers to be able to use it. The reason for this choice remains unknown, but corridor noises claimed that it was a decision of the Apple partner.

In any case, the availability of this functionality, after the arrival of Visual Voicemail, makes it possible to close the loop for customers of the Mobistar operator. And the latter will certainly not complain about it …

How to take advantage of Internet connection sharing on your iPhone?

The easiest way is to synchronize your iPhone (equipped with a Mobistar SIM card) with iTunes software. An update of the APN parameters should be offered to you automatically. Otherwise, you can configure these settings yourself by following these steps:

See you in Settings / General / Network / Cellular data. In the cell data field, enter the following value:

Access point name: iphone.mobistar

Then go to the Connection Sharing field and enter the following value:

Access point name:

To be able to benefit from the “Internet Connection Sharing” functionality, you need to have a firmware equal to or better iOS 4.3 and an iPhone 4 / 4S or an iPad 1/2/3 3G.

We discuss it on the forum.

Thank you to everyone who brought it to our attention!