Mobistar announces the prices of the iPhone 3GS!

It’s through of a press release that the exclusive operator of the sale of the iPhone in Belgium, Mobistar, just unveiled the prices long-awaited iPhone 3GS.

First of all, although joint sale is now authorized in Belgium, the operator will continue, as in the past, to offer this new iPhone in a way Non-simlock. You can therefore use the iPhone 3GS on any network in Belgium.

As for prices, the iPhone 3GS 16Gb is announced at the price of 575 while the high capacity model of 32Gb will be sold 675.

The arrival of the iPhone 3GS in Belgium is also a boon for people who were waiting a possible fall in price of the iPhone 3G 8Gb (iPhone of second generation), the price of this one goes from 525 475.

In regards to availability iPhone 3GS, it will be Friday June 26 that you can get it through traditional channels (Mobistar Center and Apple Premium Resellers).

New information will be sent to us shortly.

What do you think of these prices? Are you going to fall for the new iPhone? If you are interested in being a new iPhone user, will the new price of the iPhone 3G Gb convince you to pass the course soon?

Your reactions are expected on the forum.