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MobiPast: spy on an iPhone for free

Mobipast logiciel espion - MobiPast : espionner un iPhone gratuitement

Mobipast logiciel espion - MobiPast : espionner un iPhone gratuitement

In 2013, we introduced you MobiPast, an application available for free on Cydia who offer to spy on the owner of a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch jailbroken with ease (read: MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone & iPad).

mobipast logo - MobiPast: spy on an iPhone for free

Since then, MobiPast has greatly improved and offers new functionalities, each more useful than the last. We offer a small summary of these:

  • GPS positions (free): view the history of smartphone movements on a map.
  • Internet (free): consult the history of websites visited from the telephone.
  • Contacts (free): consult the list of all contacts saved in the mobile.
  • Unlocking (free): get the device unlock code.
  • SMS & iMessages : capture the SMS and iMessages sent and received.
  • Calls : consult the history of calls made and received.
  • Keylogger : capture keystrokes (including passwords).
  • Notes : consult the copy of the notes saved on the mobile.

In addition, MobiPast allows you to capture the messages sent and received on most instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Wechat or Yahoo Messenger. Snapchat is also supported.

Mobipast spy software - MobiPast: spy on an iPhone for free

How to install MobiPast on ios ?

1) Once your iDevice has been jailbroken, open Cydia, press Sources> Edit> Add, then enter Then press Add source. Wait for the packages to load, then press Back to Cydia.

2) In the Search tab, now enter “MobiPast”. Install MobiPast Application on your phone. On the smartphone to spy, it will be necessary to install install the second package from the source, namely Monitoring Software.

3) Once the installation is complete, you should then have the MobiPast application on your springboard! To log into your account, follow the full iPhone tutorial at

mobipast application iphone - MobiPast: spy on an iPhone for free

If you want to use all of MobiPast’s features, the full version is available at 29.99 euros per month (iOS & Android compatible). Finally, be aware that you can also remove the monitoring software installed on a smartphone remotely.