MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone and iPad

MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone and iPad

MobiPast is a brand new application available on Cydia which will allow you to spy for free an unlimited number ofiPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You will then be able to consult all the data copied from the device equipped with the totally invisible monitoring software MobiPast directly from your iOS device.

mobipast - MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone and iPad

The free version of MobiPast provides access to the following features:

  • Location : display of movement history on a map.
  • Internet : consultation of the history of the sites visited.
  • Contacts : consultation of the list of registered contacts.
  • Access code : capture of unlock code.

The full version adds the following possibilities:

  • SMS & iMessages : capture of SMS & iMessages sent and received.
  • Calls : consultation of the history of calls made and received.
  • Keylogger : capture of keystrokes (including passwords).
  • Notes : consultation of the notes recorded on the mobile.
  • App store : capture messages sent and received via applications Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, or Yahoo Messenger.

The advantage compared to other spy software that can be found on the web is that all the data recorded by MobiPast and sent on the application pass through your Yahoo or Gmail email account (by encrypted emails) and not by a server for maximum security and confidentiality.

MobiPast installation tutorial on iOS:

1) Launch Cydia, then add the source:

2) Wait, then install the package titled ” MobiPast application Via this source.

3) Relaunch the springboard, and you should have the application!

mobipast iphone - MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone and iPad

4) Launch it, then go to the account tab.

mobpast my account - MobiPast: free spyware for iPhone and iPad

5) Press ” Sign in », And finally enter your email address and your Gmail or Yahoo password to receive your data.

On the spy device, simply install the other package from the source, entitled “Monitoring software”. Find the full tutorial on

To go further, follow the news, tutorials, updates and discuss the MobiPast application on the official blog.