Mobile Vikings conquers VoIP

Mobile Vikings conquers VoIP

Mobile Vikings is about to launch a new VoIP service that will work from an iOS or Android mobile application. The launch is scheduled for early October.

Mobile Vikings announced this Wednesday the launch of its new service Viking Talk. It is a service that focuses on VoIP technology and will work through a mobile application (iPhone and Android).


The big advantage of this new service is that it is multi-operator. In other words, whether you are a Proximus, Mobistar, Base or even another MVNO operator (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), you will have access to this new service since all communications will go through the Internet via a 3G or Wi- Fi, from the mobile app.

Free communications between Viking Talk users.

If the service resembles Skype significantly with regard to the free communication between the users of this same service, Vikings Talk prides itself on being able to offer attractive rates. So, for 10, the user receives 600 minutes of call credit in Belgium to fixed numbers and mobile phones. For 20, the call duration is unlimited. For 30, towards all European countries. So if you call a correspondent who also uses the app, it's completely free! It is also possible to call worldwide for 40.

Viking Talk uses Mondial Telecom technology and will be launched on October 3.

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Screenshots of the future Viking Talk iPhone app: