Mobile VAT: Orange and SFR abandon price increases

SFR soon to be acquired by Bouygues or Numericable

Image 1: Mobile VAT: Orange and SFR abandon the price increaseHow to stop the haemorrhage of subscribers following the increase in VAT? SFR has found the solution, or rather will take up the one adopted by Bouygues Télécom: the operator will not charge the increase in VAT on mobile subscribers, thus leaving the prices unchanged, preventing them from benefiting from termination free of charge.

No increase at SFR

There are clear signs: among the three main mobile operators, SFR seemed to be the most reluctant to let its subscribers leave without charge. Called to order several times after trying different tricks to prevent these cancellations, the operator finally found an expensive solution, but one that allows him to keep his customer base.

“SFR taking charge of the increase in VAT, all customers will have kept the rate they had subscribed,” said the operator in a statement today. For a few days, the operator had announced that subscribers since November 15 will not have to pay the increase in VAT, precisely to avoid their departure. By extending this flower to all of its mobile subscribers, SFR becomes the second operator not to charge VAT.

Neither at Orange

Image 2: Mobile VAT: Orange and SFR abandon the price increaseIn the process, Orange follows the same path as its two competitors. Contacted by us, the operator confirms that he will not pass on the increase in VAT on his mobile subscriptions either. This notably saves him the uncomfortable position of the only mobile operator to increase his prices.

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