Mobile social rate: € 10 per month for 40 SMS and 40 minutes

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Image 1: Mobile social tariff: 10 € per month for 40 SMS and 40 minutesA mobile social package

Nine operators signed a government agreement yesterday offering a social rate mobile plan. For 10 € per month, it gives access to at least 40 minutes of communication and 40 SMS.

Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR and the MVNOs Transatel, Oméa Telecom, Coriolis, NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom and Call In Europe all yesterday signed the agreement drawn up by Éric Besson and Frédéric Lefebvre, respectively Minister of Digital Economy and Secretary of State in charge of Commerce. Announced at the start of the year by Éric Besson, this € 10 package was initially to include 30 SMS and 30 minutes. Operators will therefore ultimately do better.

For RSA beneficiaries

This offer will be reserved for RSA beneficiaries, without any commitment of duration, activation or termination fees. It can be marketed in the form of a prepaid card, subscription or blocked package. As soon as the threshold of 10 euros has been reached, the subscriber must be notified by call or SMS, from 15 euros, the package will be blocked. Only the subscriber can unlock it at his request.

These offers do not cost operators anything, but do not bring them anything either. They are therefore free to offer the mobiles of their choice with these offers. So far none of them has specified which devices they want to offer. Only Virgin Mobile has already communicated on its offer. The virtual operator even offers more with 45 minutes of voice and 50 SMS for € 9.90. The package will even be accessible to everyone, not just RSA beneficiaries.