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Mobile invoice: how to avoid the off-plan?

Tired of boring phone bills? Here’s how to manage your mobile data more efficiently.

invoice outside mobile plan

You have just received your telephone bill and … disaster! Your operator informs you of an excess rate which can sometimes prove to be very heavy. However, you think that you have not excessively consumed your available data, so where can the problem come from? And how do you manage to regulate it?

Control your mobile consumption on Android

Without your knowledge, your Internet connection can be used in the background by certain mobile applications. Connection that can remain active even when you no longer use these applications. To prevent this consumption, go to the home screen of your smartphone. Then slide your finger from the top of the screen down. On the set of available icons, locate the one entitled ” Mobile data ” If it is highlighted, press it once to deactivate it and immediately stop consuming your data.

mobile data deactivate android

A second method is to go through the settings of your smartphone. Choose Wireless & networks > Data flow management > Data saver. Activate this option. Then select the applications that consume the least data on your mobile to prevent them from being hampered by this economic function. You can also identify the least “wasteful” applications by going to the function Ranking by data consumption.

deactivate android apps outside the package

Please note, on some smartphone models, Wireless & networks is called Data consumption or Network and Internet, Data flow management bECOMES Connections > Data usage. You will then be asked to uncheck the applications on which you wish to deactivate the use of background data.

To know: it is always good to define a quota of mobile data not to be crossed on your smartphone. Still in the settings, look for the function Limit monthly consumption of mobile data, press it and enter the maximum quantity of your plan (in MB or GB) then the start date of it. You will receive a notification shortly before reaching the end of the quota.

block mobile data android package

Monitor your data consumption on iOS

The process is identical to that of Android. Go to Settings > Cellular data then deactivate the associated notch to stop the flow of mobile data.

Still on the same screen, scroll down and then deactivate the applications that seem least important to you. We also advise you to stop theWi-Fi support and the iCloud Drive, greedy in data.

ios data management

To avoid coming back constantly adjusting the consumption of your applications in the background, go to Settings > General > Background refresh. All you have to do is block the consumption of problematic applications. Take the opportunity to deactivate the function Cellular data associated with iTunes Store and AppStore (in the settings). Each download or update of the applications will therefore be done under Wi-Fi connection and no longer under 4G.

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