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Mobi KORA (APK) 2.1.7

On paper, Mobikora is the perfect app for football fans who don’t want to miss a game. In practice, the instability of video streams makes the experience much less interesting.

On Android, there are many apps for watching live video streams. Very often, this concerns television channels or YouTube lives or even Twitch. However, the application Mobi Kora stands out by specializing in sport.

Mobi Kora mainly offers to watch football matches. The application will then group together all the available video streams and you will be able to start watching these matches live with just a few clicks.

How to install the application?

The app is not available on the Play Store. To be able to install it, you must download the APK file and then install it on your phone directly.

The installation is not difficult but is to be done manually. Once your APK file has been downloaded to this page and then copied to your phone, simply select it to proceed with the installation.

What is Mobikora worth?

On paper, the application offers many video streams for sports fans. In practice, it is above all a matter of listing football matches only while proposing a player allowing to view all matches.

We will regret the fact that Mobi Kora will only be translated and available in Arabic. If you do not speak the language, it may therefore be a little more complicated for you to get by (but nothing impossible).

An application not translated into French

That said, the application remains understandable. The schedules as well as the flags of the countries allow you to see which matches are to come. Then by selecting them, you will arrive on a list of various streams. You just have to make your choice to launch them.

On the technical side, you will be offered several qualities for the video. Ideal if you do not want to consume too much data in 4G or if you have a low speed. Special mention to the Google Chromecast functionality which is integrated and which works perfectly for broadcasting lives on a TV.

Beyond the calendar of upcoming matches which is integrated, another tab allows you to directly access the entire list of TV channels integrated into the application. You can therefore also directly select the channel you are interested in to view it.

We will also appreciate the functionality that allows you to indicate your time slot to display the calendar of matches according to the time of your geographic location. Ideal for not missing any live even when you travel internationally.

Yes Mobi Kora has a negative point, it is the quality of the direct as well as the stability of the latter. Quite often, you will be confronted with numerous cuts, making viewing far from pleasant. However if you are a football fan, you will have to be satisfied to not miss any match.