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Missing subtitles? Add them to any streaming movie / series

You don’t have French subtitles on the last episode of your favorite series or on a cult film? Add them via your browser.

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There can be many reasons to add subtitles to a movie or series. Whether to watch your fiction in a language not served by streaming platforms. Or because you don’t like the existing translation. Compatible with Firefox and Chrome, the Substital plugin is a little gem that allows you to insert subtitles, in the language of your choice. Directly on your browser.

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Once the extension is installed, go to your favorite streaming platform. Substital is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. When you launch a movie or a serial episode, you will notice, via the plugin icon located at the top right of your browser, that it recognizes the fiction watched.

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How to add subtitles with Substital?

By clicking on the name of the fiction, you will bring up a search engine. Type the name of the fiction (in French or in English) to see the list of available subtitles appear. If it is too long, filter your choices by selecting “French” from the blue drop-down menu.

multilingual subtitle catalog streaming

Once the subtitles of your choice have been identified, simply click on them to activate them. If these subtitles don’t suit you, don’t hesitate to try again to activate another subtitle file.

Alternatively, you can use your own subtitle file (SRT files). In this case, simply drag and drop (drag’n’drop) to the video to insert your subtitles.

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