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Minecraft for Android is an essential sandbox game that offers all the possibilities between construction, survival, role-playing and exploration. Even if the touch makes the controls less precise than on PC, the game is simple to take in hand and offers a lot of additional content and many hours of game solo or on multiplayer servers and with players from other platforms. A success !

Minecraft ? Késako?

Designed by Markus Persson, Minecraft is a benchmark of sandbox games in which the player sets his own goals. It is thus possible to uncover the secrets of the game, to build an underground city or city, to design traps or to survive the hostile environment. Besides its world composed of cubes and close to pixel art, the originality of the game is based on a randomly generated and potentially unlimited card.

How to play ?

Even if it is possible to walk around according to the landscapes, one of the strengths of Minecraft is the construction of buildings, elements and decorations. More than 150 blocks are available in the environment with a host of recipes for building known houses, cities and buildings.

For more additional content, a store was created to purchase worlds with unique character buildings and skins, good ground for RPG.

Available game modes

On Android, Minecraft offers several game modes for a more or less met challenge. For apprentice architects, the mode Creative lets build without worrying about hunger and enemies on the map. The world Adventure offers an epic similar to a role-playing game and finally, the mode Survival will put construction and combat skills to the test, alternating between hunting and survival at night with terrifying creatures.

Its grip

An inherent problem with mobile devices, the touchscreen is not easy to handle at first. Once mastered, the interface offers a host of possibilities between construction recipes and inventory management. Through the options, the user can adjust many parameters for the touch controls but also for the keyboard and the controller as well as video and audio options.