Apple iPod Touch 5G

Mighty Audio, a kind of iPod Shuffle dedicated to Spotify

Apple iPod Touch 5GMany Apple customers regret that the Apple brand does not reveal a new generation of its ultra-compact player, after only the arrival of new colors for the iPod Shuffle in the summer of 2015.

A Kickstarter project is hoping to surf on this demand, offering Mighty Audio, a device barely larger than a matchbox to listen to music from Spotify.

The device must first be synchronized from a smartphone or tablet, with a premium account, before being able to download offline up to two days of music according to its creators.

The project is still far from funded, but if it is born, this player would cost a hundred dollars, with a maximum autonomy of ten hours. All with increased resistance to dust and water.

Convenient for sports, but we would have preferred a wider compatibility with other streaming services.