Grald Darmanin refutes general surveillance

Microsoft's vision of our future

From time to time, Microsoft produces a few videos to present its vision of the future through the prism of productivity.

His latest achievement in this area was put online last month. She shows us what life would be like for a marine biologist and a business manager who could employ her in a highly connected world where information creeps everywhere and with which interaction is child's play. .

We find the themes dear to Microsoft around the touch screen and any surface likely to become so without any bulky presence such as a power source. Thin screens and other foldable surfaces.

The concepts go far beyond the Surface Hub and even HoloLens which we find the principle but without the need to wear a helmet.

It's not so much science fiction but a form of exaggeration of the trends that are emerging today with connected devices, wearables, gesture and voice commands, personal digital assistants, Big Data, l 3D printing…