Microsoft would prepare a new type of Surface for 2019

Image 1 : Microsoft préparerait un nouveau type de Surface pour 2019

Image 1: Microsoft would prepare a new type of Surface for 2019

Microsoft, without seeming to touch it, will have succeeded in 2018. Its Surface range, made up of tablets, computers and hybrids will have been a huge commercial success. To the extent that the Redmond firm is now better listed on the stock market than its rival Apple.

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In an interview with an Irish newspaper, when asked if the firm intends to venture out of the professional or “productivity-oriented” product arena, Panay says Microsoft may be more interested close to consumer products, as evidenced by the release of Surface Headphones. He says, “Do we offer experiences for people at work and at home? The answer is yes. So are you going to see new types of devices offering this convergence [des utilisations] ? The answer is absolutely […] In my opinion, work and home are essential in life, whether your device is in the kitchen, in your home office or whether you carry it with you […] So yes, you will see more products that focus on where our customers will be “

Since sales of tablets and smartphones are declining, we can expect Microsoft to offer us an innovative product that would combine the best of both worlds. It is currently difficult to determine whether the manager is talking about a new computer, a tablet or even the famous foldable surface smartphone we’ve been hearing about for so many years.

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