Microsoft would lie on the size of the iPad

Microsoft would lie on the size of the iPad

windowsAs incredible as it may seem, Microsoft would have been caught red-handed. For the Redmond company, the iPad screen is not as large as one would like to believe.

On an Internet page intended to praise the merits of its tablets, compared to the competition, Microsoft gives erroneous information on the tablet of Apple, to make believe that its products are better performing than they really are.

And the lying points are very numerous. The ASUS VivoTab would have a larger screen than the iPad, which is totally false and Microsoft obviously forgets to mention the differences in resolution (largely in favor of Apple). The iPad has been 2048×1536 for a while, while the Asus tablet is only 1366×768.

The worst part is that this data is only the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft's lies would also relate to storage capacity, access to the data cloud and more. We let you do your investigation on the Microsoft site.

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As surveys show, the situation is different in France.