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Microsoft Word

Already available on Windows Phone and iOS, the Office, Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps are finally coming to Android. Undeniably successful, rich and effective applications. MUST HAVE.

They were long overdue, after versions for iOS, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are finally coming to Android smartphones and tablets.

Rigorously carried out, the apps allow, after connection to your Microsoft account, the editing of new content or content already created via Office on a computer or tablet.

If aesthetically the app does not look mine at first glance it is above all to offer a foolproof ergonomics. Do the maximum with the minimum, that’s the bet in order to succeed both on tablet and on smartphone.

Word offers its main menu on the left: file management (new, open, save, share, etc.) and user account. The interface is fluid for viewing, but also for typing and editing. Via a single button, you will access the “Home”, “Insert”, “Layout”, “Revision” and “Display” menus, well known and arranged in tabs on the computer version. It will be easy to work on text as on tables or images and this is the real success of the application; gather the essentials on a device that is however mobile.

To finish the application Word Naturally, the user will be offered the option of upgrading by subscribing to Office 365. Subscription allowing the installation of the software of the suite on his computer as well as to benefit from a more substantial online storage via OneDrive.

Also note the presence on the store of excellent Outlook, OneNote and Lens apps.