Microsoft's capitalization exceeds that of Apple

Microsoft unlocks your Android smartphone and installs its own services

Yes Microsoft is actively working on the Windows 10 system that will equip its next Lumia brand smartphones, but it does not forget to strengthen its presence on the competitive mobile ecosystems.

The giant of Redmond has just made available its Picturesque lock screen for Android, thanks to which it will be possible toperform a search with Bing without having to unlock the smartphone. It will also distill notifications on received messages and missed calls, as well as information on calendar events, news and weather. On the program to complete buttons to activate / deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sound, adjust the screen brightness or use the flashlight function. All against the backdrop ofBing portal image, which can be changed by sliding or shaking.

Now wait for availability on the European Google Play store. Only US users have been served so far.

Picturesque Android (1) Picturesque Android (2) The Picturesque application by Microsoft (click to enlarge)