Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo: the dual-screen phone will arrive in France in early 2021

Here it is: the Surface Duo, which Microsoft unveiled in October 2019, will indeed arrive in France next year. He will have taken his time, but the one that has already been marketed since August 2020 across the Atlantic is preparing to land in France.

Microsoft Surface Duo

If Microsoft had created the event by announcing its first Android smartphone / tablet more than a year ago, the Duo Surface has long remained shrouded in mystery. For example, it took until May 2020 to discover the technical sheet of the Surface Duo, while the device finally found a release date in the United States last August.

In Europe, even if Microsoft continued to explain that its Surface Duo would eventually cross borders, the Redmond company kept the launch date secret in our regions. But it’s done: we now know that the Surface Duo will point the end of its two screens next year.

The Surface Duo for Android will arrive early next year

Beginning of 2021, the Surface Duo arrives in France, Canada, UK and Germany. This is what Microsoft explains in a press release, without giving more details on the exact release date of the device. It is also unknown what the price will be in euros. In the United States, the Surface Duo is sold $ 1399.99 in its 128 GB version, and $ 1,499.99 in its 256 GB edition. That is a price quite close to that of a premium smartphone like the Note 20 Ultra, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

But is the Surface Duo really a smartphone? Not really, if the main person is to be believed. For the record, the device works under android and uses two screens for display. It is not a foldable screen like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 can have, but rather two separate screens, the device folding and unfolding at will. For the Redmond giant, it is “Microsoft’s first dual-screen device, designed to always guarantee productivity for its users.”

Microsoft has also made sure that the environment and its applications can adapt to this type of display. The editor promises for example an “optimized experience of the TikTok application on two screens”. Clearly, it is thus possible to watch a video on one of the two screens, and to consult the most popular hashtags on the second. We are now waiting to know a little more about its exact launch date, as well as its price in France.