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Microsoft Surface Duo electrocutes its owner while trying to charge it

The owner of a Surface Duo reports online that he was electrocuted by his device. The latter simply plugged it into an AC adapter. The smartphone burned his hand and the USB port connector was blackened with heat. Microsoft customer service assures us that a response will be provided promptly.

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The Surface Duo is a project that captured the attention of Microsoft supporters from the start. And this even if the multiple attempts of the Redmond firm in mobile telephony turned out to be bitter failures. Whether it be the Kin, who celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2020, the Lumia under Windows Phone, bought back dearly from Nokia and sold soon after, the Asha under Symbian which suffered the same fate as the Lumia, or the Nokia X, under a heavily modified version of Android, the marketing of which lasted about two years.

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But the Surface Duo seems to be a project not only apart in the telephony ecosystem, but also a product more in line with positioning which has become very “B2B” of Microsoft since Satya Nadella took over as CEO. Surface Duo is a smartphone under a little modified version of Android and equipped with two screens joined to each other by a central hinge. The platform runs under Snapdragon 855, supported by 6 GB RAM, 128 GB or 256 GB storage and by a battery of 3577 mAh.

Electrocuted when plugging Surface Duo into an electrical outlet

Marketed in the United States, Surface Duo should arrive in Europe in early 2021… if all goes well. However, a curious story has been reported by the owner of a Surface Duo. This one explains on Reddit that his copy of the dual-screen smartphone has it electrocuted. The incident took place at the time where he plugged the device into an AC adapter to reload it. He held the closed device with one hand and, with the other, handled the charger.

He received an electric shock in his hand strong enough for his muscles to tighten around the device, especially in the area of ​​the USB Type-C connector that heats up quickly, resulting in a burn that the unfortunate man photographed and posted on the Internet. Another photo shows that the USB connector got particularly hot. Even though the photo is extremely blurry, you can see that the interior of the harbor is charred. This is certainly where the electrical insulation was imperfect.

We do not know the exact circumstances of the incident. Did the user have wet hands? Was the charger original? Had he handled the device the right way so far? Hard to say. However, he has contacted Microsoft customer service who expressed his surprise and promised to get back to him quickly to investigate this problem. Note that other US Surface Duo users have responded to this testimonial. And none of them seem to have had the same experience. This may be an isolated case.

Source: Reddit