Microsoft starts teaser for MWC 2019

The living room MWC 2019 of Barcelona could be the starting point for a new generation of HoloLens headphones at Microsoft. Clues accumulate around the arrival of a helmet HoloLens 2 updated and whose launch seems to be planned for the beginning of the year.

The announcement of a press conference on the eve of the opening of the show, when the Redmond group had not held formal events for several years, had already intrigued a few days ago.


Microsoft is now adding a video teaser that retains much of its mystery but could prepare the arrival of the mixed helmet. The site Engadget also indicates that the HoloLens 2 headset would switch to an ARM processor but without going through the benchmark virtual reality platform XR1 from Qualcomm.

It would actually be a SoC Snapdragon 850, announced last year during Computex 2018. The helmet would also be lighter than the initial model, and in principle less energy-consuming. It will have a new component HPU ((Holographic Processing Unit) integrating an artificial intelligence layer.

With a wider field of vision for better ergonomics, it remains to be seen whether there will remain an experiment for developers or whether it will pass the course of a wider distribution.