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Microsoft says more about HoloLens

less space problem than Kinect, according to Microsoft

Microsoft had made a strong impression by lifting the veil on its technology and its helmet called HoloLens, then, the communication around the project was discreet.

Micorsoft HoloLens concept On the eve of the next BUILD conference, Microsoft is revealing a little more about its system. The firm does not fail to boast of being the first to have designed a portable holographic device.

And Microsoft wants the user to clearly differentiate between their technology and other commonly used systems.

Here, Microsoft technology will make it possible to lock elements provided by a 3D computer module on specific points in a universe. For example, you can choose to display notes on your fridge, access to recipes on cupboards, weather forecasts in your closet …

The advantage being to integrate elements more naturally into its environment, but also to be able to configure and manipulate them easily.

By the way Microsoft mentions the fact that its universal applications will also be made compatible with the system: "Windows 10 is the first system to support holographic computing with APIs designed specifically for looking, speaking, gesturing and understanding the environment to a wireless device." "With Windows 10, holograms will become universal apps, and each universal app will work as a hologram."

It remains to be seen whether this type of product will more easily find its place in homes or professional environments.