Microsoft removes ISO images from November update

Microsoft removes ISO images from November update

The first major Windows 10 update has been available for just over a week. Microsoft is releasing it as a November update or version 1511. An update that was otherwise known by the codename Threshold 2.

Quite abruptly, the Redmond company decided to remove this 1511 version of its media creation tool to download Windows. In other words, this MCT (Media Creation Tool) no longer allows you to obtain ISO images of Windows 10 version 1511.

Microsoft does not provide a real explanation for the reason for this withdrawal and simply indicates that MCT cannot be used to update Windows 10 computers with the November update (version 1511). Note that this warning in English has not yet been passed on to other languages, but it is just as valid.


The choice was made to favor installations of Windows 10 version 1511 via Windows Update. By using Media Creation Tool, it is thus the download of Windows 10 build 10240 which will be obtained and not build 10586 which is that of Windows 10 version 1511. The November update will have to be obtained later through Windows Update.


In the circulating hypotheses, this withdrawal could be related to activation problems, concerns with the deactivation of BitLocker encryption. At WinBeta, Microsoft also clarified that the November update of Windows 10 itself has not been removed, recalling that its deployment is done in waves. " If you don't see it in Windows Update, you'll see it soon "Certain situations may explain why Windows 10 version 1511 is slow to show up in Windows Update.